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Artensoft Tilt Shift Generator 1.2

Artensoft Tilt Shift Generator simulates the effects of real tilt-shift lens
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A tilt shift effect is usually achieved by the use of a camera equipped with a perspective control lens, which allows you to control the way perspective is reflected. It´s generally used to make objects and landscapes look as if they were miniature models. However, it´s possible to simulate that effect using specialized software, such as Artensoft Tilt Shift Generator.

This application can blur specific areas of a photograph using an intelligent algorithm. In this respect, the tool allows you to set various options to attain the expected results. For instance, you can adjust the angle and the focus size. Besides, it´s also possible to control defocus options, such as strength and graph. The Bokeh mask and the Bokeh Boost features deserve a mention because of their great impact on making the changes look more real.

In general, Artensoft Tilt Shift Generator is very easy to use. It´s just a matter of moving controls and watching their effects, because you can fortunately preview all changes as you make them. However, you should notice that the quality of the resulting image is highly dependent on your photography skills.

Pedro Castro
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  • It creates very realistic effects
  • It’s very easy to use


  • The program isn’t very versatile
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